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Wide Thickness Range CPP Film Packaging for Bakery Snacks and Puffed Food

Item No.: CPPF1113
● Leading Manufacturer ● Premium Quality ● Good Price
Product parameters
Place of Origin: China
Material: PP, polypropylene
Price: Negotiable
Min. Order Q'ty: 6MTs (6,000kgs)
Delivery Lead: 15 Days
Supply Ability: 4,000MTs/month
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Certification: FDA, MSDS, RoHS, REACH, etc.
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Wide Thickness Range CPP Film Packaging for Bakery Snacks and Puffed Food

CPP Film Packaging is one of the most popular and ideal materials for bakery, snacks and puffed food.
It is printable on both flexographic and rotogravure printings and laminated with BOPP, BOPET or BOPA film in more cases.

CPP is a polypropylene (PP) film produced by a cast extrusion process in the plastics industry. This type of plastic film is different from BOPP (biaxially-oriented polypropylene) film and is a non-oriented film. Strictly speaking, the CPP film has only a certain-orientation in the machine direction (MD) direction, mainly due to the nature of the process. Excellent clarity and finish are formed on the film by rapid cooling on a chill roll.

As a professional CPP Film China manufacturer, we are holding monthly capacity 4,000 MTs, powered 6 multi-layer co-extruded cast film production lines (7 meter wide as max., 300m/min as mix), 5 high-speed automatic tension slitting machines, 3 international advanced vacuum aluminum plating production equipment, yielding thickness from 18μm to 120μm.

We are committed to serving a very good price CPP film while maintaining high product quality.
The certificates our product granted include MSDS, FDA, RoHS, REACH and so on.



Thickness: from 18micron to 120micron
Inner Core: 3" (76mm), 6" (152mm)
Roll Width: tailor-made
Roll Length: tailor-made
Joint: ≤ 1
Corona Treatment: one side, 36 dynes
Application: printing, packaging, laminating 
Shelf Life:
12 months

● Sterilizable
● High Stiffness
● Uniform Thickness 
● High Clarity & Luster  
● Excellent Sealability

● Outstanding Flatness
● Excellent Slip Property
● High Tear and Puncture Resistance
● Outstanding Ink and Coating Adhesion
● Low Water Vapour and Odour Permeability

Operation Guide

Recommended processing conditions: 15 ~ 35°C, humidity below 75% Rh.  


Classifications of CPP Film

Generic Bag-making CPP Film CPP Retort Film
Features Applications Features Applications
● Low-temp. Heat Sealability
● Good Closure Opening
● Good Oil Resistance
● High Transparency
● Foodstuff Packaging
● Bakery Packaging
● Medicines Packaging
● Chocolate Packaging
● Small Cake Packaging
● Puffed Food Packaging
● High Tear and Puncture Resistance
● Good Low-temp. Resistant
● High Lamination Strength
● Excellent Heat Sealability
● Not Deformed at 135°C
● High-temp. Endurable
● Meat Packaging
● Sausage Packaging
● Medicines Packaging
● Soup & Juice Packaging
● Frozen & Steamed Food Packaging
● Laminated with BOPP or PET Film
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CPP Tissue Film CPP Puffed Film
Features Applications Features Applications
● Two Sides Heat Sealable
● Good Closure Opening
● Direct Table Printing
● Excellent Anti-static
● Two Sides Slippery
● High Stiffness
● High Clarity
● Toilet Paper Packaging
● Surface & Back Printing
● Paper Towels Packaging
● Table Napkins Packaging
● Facial Tissues Packaging

● Excellent Elongation Strength
● Low-temp. Heat Sealability
● High Surface Wet Tension
● High or Low Friction

● Medicines Packaging
● Puffed Food Packaging
● Bread and Cake Packaging
● Laminated with BOPP or PET Film
● High-speed Puffed Packaging Machines
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CPP Matte Film CPP Metallized Film
Features Applications Features Applications
● Soft & Comfortable Sense
● Good Closure Opening
● Excellent Visual Effect
● High Level of Printing
● Good Light Barrier

● Grains Packaging
● Dry Food Packaging
● Dry Seafood Packaging
● Laminated with BOPP or PET Film

● Excellent Barrier to Gas, Moisture, Light
● Excellent Hot Tack and Sealing Strength
● Excellent Metal Adhesion and Luster
● Excellent Machinability
● For Food Packaging Requiring
Barrier Properties
● Coffee
● Snacks
● Cookies
● Potato Chips 
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For Core 3" (76mm inner dimension) For Core 6" (152mm inner dimension)  
• Air bubble film wrapping
• Protective cap over two ends
• 9 to 36 rolls a pallet (as per request)
• Max pallet height 2.2m
• Weight according to roll sizes
• Measures according to roll sizes
• Available to customized service
• Floating pallet
• One to three rolls a pallet
• Max pallet height 2.1m
• Weight according to roll sizes
• Measures according to roll sizes
• Available to customized service

Shipping & Delivery
• Seaport: Xiamen, Shanghai, Shenzhen, etc.
• Airport: Xiamen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc.
• Packing: By Pallet
About Sample
About Order
About After-sale-service
• Free samples for testing
• Roll sized 300mm x 100m
• Special requirement accepted
• Courier freight afforded by the receiver and
will be refunded from the first order
• For saving the cost, prepaid is recommended
• Min. Order Quantity: 6 tonnes (6,000kgs)
• Mixed roll width and length accepted
• Delivery in 15 days for a 40HQ
• Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
• Price Terms: EXW, FOB, CNF, CIF

• In case any bad quality rolls must be compensated
• Quality guaranteed till 9 months