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Ideal Composite Plastic Material Nylon Vacuum Bagging Film VMPA Aluminum Metallised BOPA Film

Item No.: VMF2J65BPA01J
● Leading Manufacturer ● Premium Quality ● Good Price
Product parameters
Place of Origin: China
Processing Technology: Vacuum Metallizing
Material: polyamide (nylon, PA 6) film
Price: Negotiable
Min. Order Quantity: 2MTs (2,000.00kgs)
Supply Ability: 5,000MTs/month
Delivery Lead: 25 days
Certification: FDA, RoHS, REACH, MSDS
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Vacuum Metallised BOPA (Nylon, PA 6) Film is produced by coating high purity aluminum that ensures strong adhesiveness and high brightness.
It has an extraordinary high barrier to oxygen and aromas, excellent mechanical properties at high and low temperatures, usually composite with PE, CPP, PET, EVOH, PVOH, etc.

Due to its low specific gravity, metallized nylon film is especially used to make greeting balloons.
It is also used for compound packagings of food, sterilized medical products, electronic materials, and the chemical industry.

As a leading professional China Vacuum Metallised BOPA Film manufacturer, Chintec is holding a monthly capacity of 5,000 MTs, powered with 16 metallizing and coating producing lines of brands of Leybold, Applied Materials, and Daily, yielding thickness from 10μm to 25μm.

We are committed to serving a very good price Vacuum Metallised BOPA Nylon Film while maintaining high product quality.
The certificates our product granted include FDA, MSDS, RoHS, REACH, and so on.



Materials: polyamide (nylon, PA 6) film
Thickness: 10, 12, 15, 25micron
Inner Core: 3" (76mm), 6" (152mm)
Reel Width: 300mm ~ 2200mm
Reel Length: 6000m ~ 36000m (upon thickness)
Thickness of Alu. Layer: 38 Å, OD 1.8μm,  
Application: food packaging, printing, laminating,
and other processings
Shelf Life: 12 months

● Excellent Permeability to Light, Water & Oxygen
● Strong Aluminum Coating Adhesion
● High Gloss Mirror Appearance

● Heat Sealable
● Higher Toughness
● Extend Food Shelf Life

Storage Guide

1. Avoid direct sunlight or drenching
2. Avoid impact
                                                 3. Store below 25℃
                                                 4. Humidity below 65% RH

Types of Aluminum Vacuum Metallised Film

Vacuum Metallised Biaxially-oriented Polyester Film
( VMBOPET Film )
Vacuum Metallised Casting Polypropylene Film
( VMCPP Film )
Download Technical Data Sheet Download Technical Data Sheet
Features Applications Features Applications
● Environmentally-friendly, No Odor
Nor Toxicity 
● High Barrier to Water Vapor and Gas
● Good Stiffness & Bonding Strength
● Heat, Sound & Shielding Insulation
● Excellent Metallic Appearance
● Anti-radiation & Anti-vibration
● Fire Retardant & Dust Free

● Food Packaging
● Paper Lamination
● Textile Ornaments
● Medicine Packaging
● Architecture Insulation

● Good Optimal Performance on
High-speed Printing
● Good Resistance to Moisture, Oil
& Grease
● High Barrier to Water Vapor and Gas
● Excellent Gloss & Transparency
● Good Extension & Flexibility
● Good Heat Seal Property
● Low Static
● Barrier Layer
● Heat Sealing Layer
● Medicine Packaging
● Compound Food Packaging
● Laminated with BOPP & BOPET

Typical Thickness Get More... Typical Thickness Get More...
● 10, 12, 16, 23, 50, 100, 150micron ● 20, 25, 30, 35, 40micron
Vacuum Metallised Biaxially-oriented Polypropylene Film
( VMBOPP Film )
Vacuum Metallised Casting Polyethylene Film
( VMCPE Film )
Download Technical Data Sheet Download Technical Data Sheet
Features Applications Features Applications
● Printing, Heat Sealable, Lamination
● Good Resistance & Printing
● Heat Sealing for Bag Making
● High Uniformity & Gloss
● Easy Tear Performance
● Simplify the Structures
● Good Adhesion Ability
● Lower Cost
● Labels
● Stickers
● Gift Packaging
● Flower Packaging
● Construction Decoration
● Delicate Food Packaging

● Excellent Heat Sealing Performance
● Uniform Aluminum Layer Thickness
● Excellent Cold Resistance
● Good Appearance Quality
● Easy Release
● Anti-aging

● Coffee Bags
● Frozen Food Bags
● Preserved Fruits Bags
● Liquid Detergent Packagings
● Daily Necessities Packagings
● Label & Medicine Packagings

Typical Thickness Get More... Typical Thickness Get More...
● 15, 18, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40micron ● 18, 25, 40, 50, 75, 100micron
Vacuum Metallised Biaxially-oriented Polyamide Nylon Film
Vacuum Metallised Non-woven Fabric
Download Technical Data Sheet Download Technical Data Sheet
Features Applications Features Applications
● Excellent Permeability to Light,
Water & Oxygen
● Strong Aluminum Coating Adhesion
● High Gloss Mirror Appearance
● Extend Food Shelf Life
● Higher Toughness
● Heat Sealable
● Balloons
● Snack Foods
● Christmas Tinsels
● Frozen Vegetable
● Electronic Materials
● Coffee, Tea & Candy
● Sterilized Medical Products
● Light and Heat Reflection
● Heat Insulation
● Soft & Flexible

● Filter Net Layer
● Interlayer of Ice Bags
● For Roof, Wall & Pipe
● Heat Insulation Material
● Frozen Packaging Material

Typical Thickness Get More...   Get More...
● 10, 12, 15, 25micron  
For Core 3" (76mm inner dimension) For Core 6" (152mm inner dimension)  
Aluminum foil // Plywood // Plug // Carton // Pallet // Wrapping film
9 reels per pallet 
• Max pallet height 2.2m
• Weight according to roll sizes
• Measures according to roll sizes
• Available to customized service
Aluminum Foil // Plywood // Plug // Pallet // Wrapping film
 4 or 2 reels per pallet
• Max pallet height 2.1m
• Weight according to roll sizes
• Measures according to roll sizes
• Available to customized service

• Carefully loading, avoid being crashed and prevent from rain and strong sunshine
• Stored in clean and dry places
• Well piled up, avoid being distorted or damaged by crushing
• Keep 2 meters at least away from heating objects
BOPA (Nylon) Film Thickness, Reel Size & Paper Core
Thickness (μm/micron) Reel Width(mm)         Reel Length (m)         Paper Core (inch)
10 300-2100 9000/18000/32000 3 (76mm) / 6 (152mm)
12 300-2100 7500/15000/22500 3 (76mm) / 6 (152mm)
13.5 300-2100 6500/13000 3 (76mm) / 6 (152mm)
15 300-2100 6000/12000/24000 3 (76mm) / 6 (152mm)
20 300-2100 4000/8000 3 (76mm) / 6 (152mm)
25 300-2100 4000/8000 3 (76mm) / 6 (152mm)
30 300-2100 4000/8000 3 (76mm) / 6 (152mm)
Shipping & Delivery
• Seaport: Xiamen, Shanghai, Shenzhen, etc.
• Airport: Xiamen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc.
About Sample About Order About After-sale-service
• Free samples for testing
• Roll sized 300mm x 100m, or by sheet A4
• Special requirement accepted
• Courier freight afforded by the receiver and
will be refunded from the first order
• For saving the cost, prepaid is recommended
• Min. Order Quantity: 2MTs (2,000kgs)
• Mixed roll width and length accepted
• Delivery lead in 25 days for a 40HQ
• Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
• Price Terms: EXW, FOB, CNF, CIF

• In case any bad quality rolls must be compensated
• Quality guaranteed in 12 months


More Bio-based Plastics & Petroleum-based Plastic Films

BOPLA (Biaxially-oriented Polylactic Acid) Film BOPP (Biaxially-oriented Polypropylene) Film

BOPLA Film is a bio-based biodegradable film, which is of compostable plastics.

Compared with petroleum-based plastics, its biodegradation can be achieved by compost in natural conditions.

When being disposed of, BOPLA film will be turned into organic biomass and water, free of toxins.

BOPP Film is one of the most popular flexible plastic packaging films, widely used for various wrapping, heat sealable, packaging, printing, lamination, and metallization. 
As a professional BOPP Film China manufacturer, we are holding 8 Bruckner producing lines with a monthly capacity of 20,000 tons.
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POF (Polyolefin) Film CPP (Casting Polypropylene) Film
The heat shrink wrap clear POF film sees high clarity, good shrinkage, and superior seal strength.
A target product shall be automatically sealed and shrunk when being put into the shrink packing machine after it is put into the shrinking packaging film.
The CPP Film, a cast polypropylene film, is also called an unstretched polypropylene film.
As a professional CPP Film China manufacturer, we are holding a monthly capacity of 4,000 MTs out of 6 high-speed lines, yielding thickness from 18μm to 120μm.
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BOPET (Biaxially-oriented Polyester) Film BOPA (Biaxially-oriented Polyamide) Nylon Film
BOPET film's tensile strength is three times of PC film and nylon film, and the impact strength is 3 to 5 times of BOPP film, more excellent wear resistance, folding resistance, pinhole resistance, and tear resistance. 
Heat shrinkage is as extremely low as 120 ° C below, shrinkage rate 1.25% only after 15 minutes.
BOPA film, Biaxially-oriented Polyamide Film, is made from raw material polycaprolactam, also known as nylon 6 or PA6.
In view of the exceptional strength and barrier properties, BOPA film is widely used for daily usage chemicals, electronics, food freshening and medicine package, etc.
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PE (Polyethylene) Film PLA (Polylactic Acid) Film
As a professional Polyethylene PE Film China manufacturer, we are holding several multi-layer co-extrusion lines with a monthly capacity of 3,500 metric tonnes, serving thickness from 0.01mm (10micron) to 0.18mm (180micron), for the various applications... PLA polylactic acid Film, a compostable biodegradable film, is made from corn, cassava, and other crops. We are committed to serving very good price PLA film while maintaining high product quality, certificated EN13432, ASTM D 6400, and OK Compost logo.
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Vacuum Metallised Film Synthetic Paper
Vacuum Metallised film, coated with a thin
layer of metal aluminum is an ideal composite flexible packaging material.
Our vacuum metallised film covers high barrier ALOx Metallised Film, VMBOPET Film, VMBOPP Film, VMBOPA Film, VMCPP Film, VMCPE Film, VM Non-woven Fabric, yielding thickness from 7μm to 250μm.
Synthetic Paper is a special plastic paper featured waterproof and tear-resistant, widely used to labels, hangtag, sticker, in-mold labels, etc.
We hold a monthly capacity of 5,000 MTs out of 2 high-speed producing lines of ESOPP, yielding thickness from 60μm to 500μm.
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