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What's Roll Lamination Film?

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Author : Chintec
Update time : 2021-01-21 21:06:00

What's Roll Lamination Film?
Chintec (Xiamen) Plastic Film Technology Co., LTD



Roll Lamination Film is produced by multi extrusion coating lines, using base plastic material of BOPP, PET, or PP Film.
As a material to the post-press, it is used to laminate printings pursuing the effect of more luster, elegant, and visually comfortable.
It prevents lamination work from moisture, harmful substances, and being pressed, bubbled, or desquamated.
It is usually used by the roll, people need a laminator machine to laminate the plastic film onto the printed paper.

                                Classifications of Laminating Film
By Format By Function By Transparency By Finishing
- Roll Laminating Film
- Pouch Laminating Film
- Sheet Laminating Film

- UV endurable
- Scuff-resistant
- Finger-print-free
- Super sticky


- Transparent
- Metalised
- Holographic
- Lenticular
- Glitter


- Glossy
- Matte
- Soft touch
- Scratch resistance
- Embossed
- Chemically treated

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